Static dry glazing (STV®)

The principle of static dry glazing (STV®)

STV technology – our standard solution in white windows.

The bonding technology developed by GEALAN – STV®(static dry glazing) – involves bonding glass and profiles with an extra adhesive strip designed for window construction whilst retaining the usual block setting of the glass. By bonding the pane with the profile, the stiffness of the glass pane is transferred to the profile and the entire system becomes more stable in itself. Standard elements can therefore be manufactured entirely without steel. Alternatively, more stable elements can be manufactured in conjunction with steel and GEALAN's STV®. In addition, in the area of special constructions, it is possible to considerably improve the stiffness of round arches and inclined windows.

- higher thermal value of the window
- lighter and more stable sash
- easier installation of the window- lower probability of glass cracking

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